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Tour Services

Tour Services

Clere golf have been providing products and services across all aspects of elite amateur and professional golf for many years.

From Open Championships to Ryder Cups, Solheim Cups and European Tour events, our highly skilled team have surveyed golf courses in all corners of the globe.

The premium placed on accuracy has never been more apparent than in the professional game where an inch here or there really can make the difference between winning and losing. We continually invest in the latest drones, 3D laser scanners, GPS equipment and software products to ensure we are at the forefront of what is possible.

Our unique mix of surveying skills, knowledge of the game, in-house software developers and system engineers enable Clere Golf to offer unparalleled support to tournament organisers worldwide.

  • Pin-Sheet systems
  • Green slope analysis
  • Green Book production
  • Putting prediction software
  • Yardage Book production
  • Tournament set-up & course marking
  • Course measuring & mapping
  • Green scanning
  • 3D modelling
  • Video fly-thru’s
  • Interactive course modelling
  • Tournament planning software
The leading Yardage Books on Tour

The leading Yardage Books on Tour

Accurate & detailed Green Books

Accurate & detailed Green Books

Skilled Surveyors - cutting edge technology

Skilled Surveyors - cutting edge technology

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Proud to support @england.golf championships throughout the 2022 season and beyond.🫶🫶
Really pleased to share a recent Press Release from England Golf....

England Golf is delighted to announce that Clere Golf will act as our preferred yardage book and scorecard supplier for the next two years of championships.

Clere Golf is a market-leading graphic communications company who specialises in golf course mapping, graphic design and digital media for the golf industry.

From their UK base in Berkshire, Clere Golf supports over 1000 golf clubs, resorts and golf brands across the globe to manage every aspect of their business.

England Golf will utilise Clere Golf’s expertise to produce bespoke scorecards for over 50 world-class championship and handicap competitions during the season.

In addition, Clere Golf will supply bespoke player edition yardage books for our main championships as well as offering club edition yardage books for venues that host smaller England Golf events during the season.

England Golf’s director of championships, James Crampton, said: “Clere Golf has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in their field in partnership with some of the biggest names in golf.

“We already pride ourselves in providing world-class championships for both our elite and handicap golfers and this new agreement with Clere will only enhance the experience we offer our competitors.

“Clubs that host an England Golf championship can also make use of Clere Golf’s services and this is something which will benefit them beyond the duration of the event.”

On behalf of Clere Golf, director Steve Richardson said: “Having worked with James and his team for a number of years I’m delighted that we are now able to advance our association with England Golf.

“Our business supports all aspects of elite amateur, professional and club golf around the world through our surveying services and player material be it course guides, scorecards, player apps or green books.

“Being recognised by the governing body for amateur golf in England is truly fantastic.”
We’re proud to work with many incredible golfing facilities around Europe and here’s just a few examples.

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3 of most intimidating yet exciting tee shots in golf has to be the 1st, 17th and 18th @thehomeofgolf . Is there another course in the world that can boast 3 tee shots as iconic as these!
Why leave green reading to chance when you can read them with speed and precision?

@progreenbook have been producing the worlds leading green reading books since 2015..

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Whilst our teams develop digital products which help shape the future of and delivery of course data to both amateur and professional players, printed books still play a major role and are clearly still in high demand. Just a few recent examples shown here from some of the UK’s finest venues. 

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We are excited to introduce our ClereGolfHub. A golf course management system which integrates our world class survey data into an online platform, enabling you to visualise, share and store a variety of golf course information #greenkeeper #cleregolf #coursemanager #eventmanagement

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