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Supporting the 2018 Ryder Cup

It's been a wonderful year at Clere Golf topped off with supporting Team Europe at the 2018 Ryder Cup.

We are proud to produce the official Green Book for Team Europe and wish everyone involved in Paris the very best of luck from everyone at Clere Golf and ProGreenBook.


More Accurate and Faster Reads

So what exactly is the Green Book and how does it work? Essentially, the Green Book provides very accurate slope information about putting greens and their immediate surrounding areas.  It stands to reason that the better the information you have on the course the more accurate your planning and shot making will be.  The Green Book enables the player and their caddies to plot the most effective route around the course and at the same time speed up green reading.

Furthermore, the Green Book works in synergy with players using percentage fall figures which are used for AimPoint Putting methods.

As Paul Homersham, the MD of Clere Golf explains, “the book is not intended to replace the skill of the player, but to act as a tool to assist players in making judgements about their putting”.

When Clere Golf recognised the opportunity for an accurate and detailed Green Book, they were determined to create the best product on the market and with this in mind, the in-house team at Clere Golf spent two years researching the subject and looking at the latest technologies.  This research produced their new software, the ClereGreenCreator, which is used exclusively by Clere Golf to produce their Green Book, which has won industry awards for innovation.

The team at Clere Golf recognised that a key part of producing an up to date, cutting edge Green Book was to ensure that the integrity and accuracy of the data captured is of the highest quality. Clere golf have therefore invested in the latest state of the art laser, GPS and 3D Laser scanning equipment and employed skilled surveyors to carry out the information gathering on each site.

Clere Golf have already begun developing versions of their Green Book designed for every golfer to speed up and make their green reading more accurate. Embellished with full colour graphics the books are proving popular at facilities who want to deliver a truly unique experience to those who play. 

For now it is safe to say that the success story of the Green Book has only just begun. With the golfing season now underway for 2016 it will be interesting to see how the Green Book shapes up and takes off.

If you would like a Green Book developed for your club or resort contact the team at Clere Golf or register your interest here.


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Why leave green reading to chance when you can read them with speed and precision?

@progreenbook have been producing the worlds leading green reading books since 2015..

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Whilst our teams develop digital products which help shape the future of and delivery of course data to both amateur and professional players, printed books still play a major role and are clearly still in high demand. Just a few recent examples shown here from some of the UK’s finest venues. 

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We are excited to introduce our ClereGolfHub. A golf course management system which integrates our world class survey data into an online platform, enabling you to visualise, share and store a variety of golf course information #greenkeeper #cleregolf #coursemanager #eventmanagement
With the World Handicapping System just around the corner it’s important you have the collateral in place to support your members and visitors by ensuring they are able to quickly and easily calculate their Course Handicap. We’re here to help so please get in touch if you need anything WHS related. 

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It’s that time of year when fixtures are being planned for the new season and considerations are made as to how you may thank your members upon renewal. Why not reward them with a quality bag tag they can proudly attach to their bag and a premium diary.

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End user testing underway with our enhanced GPS devices providing sub-metre accuracy while on-course. The perfect addition to our golfHUB geospatial management system.

This example shows how easy it is to mark pin locations which automatically upload to the ‘HUB’ so that pin sheets can be generated with both speed and precision. 

Visit cleregolfhub.com to find out more.

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So great to see our presses rolling and scorecards heading out to our customers across Europe after what has been a testing time for us all as we ease our back in to golf. 
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Clere Golf can help your golf business return safely to work with a host of bespoke social distancing graphics. Please call us for a no-obligation quote on 01635 43026. #golfputting #golflessons #golfcoaching 
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Such a fantastic project to have been a part of. Scotland’s newest golf course is a true masterpiece and one that will certainly take your breath away. Add it to your bucket list! These new course guides and scorecards are packed and on their way to Dumbarnie Links.... #golf #scottishgolf #golfcoast #scotland #scotlandgolf #top100golf #golflife

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